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Dermatology Diagnosis

There are many skin conditions that can be treated by dermatologists. The skin conditions listed in the resources below are the most common disorders found in adults. Some of the most common skin conditions include acne, warts, calluses, rosacea and more.


  • Skin Conditions - The National Institutes of Health have compiled a comprehensive list of the most common skin conditions.

  • Dermatology by Diagnosis - Click on the appropriate lesions to get a better diagnosis of your skin condition.

  • Dermatology Disorders - Categorized by types of disorders and infections, you can find a specified definition of each skin problem.


  • Common Skin Disorders - Learn about common dermatology skin conditions, how they are formed, what the symptoms are, and proper treatments for the skin disorder.



  • Skin Conditions - Take a look at the most common skin conditions found in young children.


  • Common Skin Disorders - Categorized by type of infection, learn about bacterial infections, viral skin infections, fungal infections and more.


Dermatology Images

Pictures of infections and disorders are not always pretty. Some of these pictures may be graphic, but they are all appropriate.


  • Dermatology Pictures - Hundreds of skin disease pictures and images. Choose from almost every skin disease known by dermatologists.


  • Dermatology Atlas - Alphabetized, this list of images covers a wide variety of common skin disorders.


  • Disease Finder - Not sure what skin condition you are looking for? Find the specific skin disorder visually by searching body location, age, gender and symptoms.



  • Skin Cancer Pictures - Click on the specific skin cancer you are interested in learning about to find informative facts and view dermatology images.


Dermatology Quizzes

Do you know the difference between a bacterial skin infections and viral skin infections? Can you tell the difference between a plantar wart and a cutaneous horn? Test your skin knowledge with these dermatology quizzes.

  • Dermatology Quizzes - A collection of around 30 quizzes to test your knowledge on skin information.

  • Dermatology Quiz - Over 100 educational questions about skin conditions, diseases and bacteria.

  • Dermatology Quiz - A few brief questions to get an idea of how solid your dermatology knowledge is.

  • Dermatology Quiz - The average score of people who have taken this quiz is 82%. Can you beat that?


All About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very serious problem. Learn the signs, symptoms and treatments for skin cancer and other skin disorders.


  • Skin Cancer-The Institute of Health has put together a powerhouse of information regarding the basics about skin cancer. Find definitions, information, and multimedia tools to help you identify skin cancer before it's too late.



Dermatology Journals

Read online publications about the most up to date research and information in the world of dermatology and skin diseases.



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