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All About HPV

HPV, also known as the human papillomavirus, is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases among women and men. HPV can affect the genitals of men and women, but tends to have a much more profound effect on women. There are over 100 different strains of the virus, so treatment and diagnosis can be difficult. Most people may not even know they have contracted HPV, since it only shows symptoms in about 10% of patients. Others may have the disease and not know it, and it can subside within a two year period. Recent studies have shown that HPV can be dangerous, however, and that it can lead to cervical cancer in women. This is why education along with proper vaccination is so important, particularly in younger women.

What is HPV?

  • Genital HPV Fact Sheet – Some facts about HPV for young people, from the Centers for Disease Control.
  • HPV and Cancer – Important questions and answers regarding the relationship between HPV and cancer.
  • Background and Info – What everyone should know about HPV, from the National Institute of Health.
  • Definition – What HPV is, along with information about the various signs and symptoms.
  • HPV at a Glance – The facts every young person needs to know about HPV so that they can be protected.
  • The HPV Test – A very important test for all women to take in order to determine whether or not they may have HPV.
  • The Facts – Easy to understand fact sheet with lots of important info. on HPV.
  • Symptoms & Treatment – This informative website explains the causes, symptoms, and possible treatments.
  • HPV and Men – HPV does not just affect women; here's some information all men should know.
  • For Young Women – Information geared toward young women about HPV.

HPV Vaccination

  • HPV Vaccination At a Glance – The basics of what you need to know about the vaccine.
  • Legislation – Very important legislation regarding the vaccine, and how it affects you.
  • Risks & Benefits – This article covers both the risks and benefits of the vaccine.
  • FAQ’s – Some frequently asked questions and answers about the HPV vaccination.
  • Study – An interesting study that examines the social and cultural aspects of the vaccine.
  • Vaccine Requirements – Some states are considering requiring the HPV vaccine for girls; read more about it here.
  • The Vaccine & Cancer – How the HPV vaccination can help prevent certain types of cancer.
  • The Basics – An overview of the vaccine, implementation, and costs.
  • Benefits – This study was performed to assess the benefits of the vaccine.
  • Is it Safe? – An examination of the risks of the vaccine, and questions about its safety.
  • Answers & Questions – Information about the HPV vaccination and some questions it has raised.
  • Side Effects – Investigation into the side effects of the vaccine.
  • What You Should Know – What patients should know about the vaccination, and some fast facts.
  • Resources – This page has several links to various resources on the HPV vaccination.
  • Risks Q&A – Some risk-related questions answered by the medical profession.
  • Recommendations – Important recommendations for the vaccine.
  • Article – This article explains how the HPV vaccine is best taken at an earlier age.
  • HPV Vaccine Project – Organization dedicated to educating parents and children about the vaccine.
  • Patient Brochure – Informational brochure for patients regarding the vaccine.
  • For Parents – Some recommendations for parents about the vaccine.

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