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Cancer Resources for Kids

Although adults are generally more susceptible to cancer, children can contract the disease too. When children are diagnosed with cancer, it is very difficult for parents to explain to them the consequences of the disease. It is important to educate children about cancer even if they are not suffering from it. With sufficient knowledge about cancer, children will be able to deal with the tragic consequences of the disease if their friends or loved ones become afflicted.

What is Cancer?

  • Kids Health: Comprehensive description of cancer, including definition, causes, and treatment

Common Questions or FAQ

Children’s, Teen’s, and Adult’s Cancer

  • Cure Search: Information for those who have children suffering from cancer

Dealing with Cancer

  • Kids Cope: A website that provides support for kids and families that are trying to cope with cancer
  • Cancer: Tips on how to prepare children for cancer medical procedures
  • UPMC: What to do when a child is diagnosed with cancer

Educational Interactive Games

Camps for Kids with Cancer

Make-A-Wish Foundations for Children with Cancer

Cancer Stories from Those Who Have Survived Cancer

  • Cancer Guide: A website created by cancer survivor Steve Dunn to help cancer patients overcome their disease

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