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Historic Biomedicine Resources

Biomedicine is also known as theoretical medicine. Biomedicine is more concerned with the research and theory of medicine, rather than the practice of medicine. Biomedicine incorporates the research and knowledge of both medicine and biology. The study of biomedicine often results in new drugs and a deeper understanding of diseases and the way they can be treated and diagnosed. Biomedicine research can result in new vitamins, homeopathic herbs, amino acids, and other products that are natural. The majority of these products are not regulated and no prescription is needed.

Indigenous Cultures

Medicinal Use of Forest Trees and Shrubs By Indigenous People of North America: An article on how scientist still learn from Indigenous People.

The "Heart of The Peoples" Declaration: The North American's biological ethics and diversity of Indigenous People.

Indigenous Medicine: Links on Indigenous medicine from the University of Colorado Denver's Health Sciences Library.

Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights Under International Law: The medical rights of Indigenous People under international law.

Indigenous Health: A collection of resources on the health of Indigenous People such as reports, guidelines, and different projects

Mesopotamian Medicine

The Past Mesopotamian Medicine: Information on the history of medicine in Mesopotamian.

The Beginnings of Drug Therapy: Ancient Mesopotamian Medicine: A resource regarding Mesopotamian practices from cuneiform.

Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia: A paper on medicine, surgery and public health.

Ancient System of Medicine: Learn the basic concepts on the background of Mesopotamian medicine.

Ancient Civilizations-Mesopotamia: Learn the history of the Mesopotamian people. A guide to their ideas about disease, practitioners, and public health.

Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Ancient Egyptian Medicine In Sickness and in Health: Preventative and Curative Health Care Information on the practice of Egyptian medicine. Learn about the doctors, instruments, and medicines.

Medicine: Learn how Egyptian practitioners practiced from embalming to faith.

Medicine In Ancient Egypt: A guide on Egyptian disease and how it was studied into three categories.

Ancient Egyptian Medicine: Information on what the Egyptian people have brought to medicine.

Ancient Egyptian Medicine: A guide on how Ancient Egyptians have given historians evidence in regards to medicine and the medical knowledge they had.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Traditional Medicine: A resource guide on Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation:Information on group healing Chinese Medicine that promotes wellness and emotional stability.

Traditional Chinese and Acupuncture Health Information Information Organization: Information on how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture offers a extraordinary perspective on the nature of health and illness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Introduction: A sheet of facts providing basic information about the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM Herb Library: introduction, theory, database of Chinese Herbs: Learn about the different herbs used for medical purposes.

Traditional Indian Medicine

Ayurveda: the Traditional Medicine System and its Global Dissemination: An introduction to ancient Indian medicine systems of Ayurveda.

Use of Traditional Indian Medicine Among Urban Native Americans: A systematic account of the use of traditional medicine among the native American population in San Francisco.

The Indian Health Service and Traditional Indian Medicine: Information on the Indian Health Service and how it's traditional healing has contributed with Western biomedicine.

History of Traditional Indian Medicine: A resource of information related to the history of Traditional Indian Medicine.

The Teaching of Indian Traditional Medicine: An education guide on how to teach Indian Traditional Medicine.

Classical Islamic Medicine

Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine, a Re-emerging Health Aid: Learn about the classic forms of Islamic Medicines.

Islam and Modern Science: The history of Islamic Medical Science.

History of Medicine Lessons and Resources: A detailed look into Classic Islamic Medicine and it's structure.

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts: A resource of different readings of the Islamic Medical Arts.

History of Classical Islamic Medicine: A resource guide of Classical Islamic Medicine links.

Western Medicine

Western Medicine: A dictionary of Western Medical terms.

A History of Western Medicine and Surgery: The history of Western Medicine and how it was affected by the people of the middle ages.

Medical Students Say Western Medicine/ Teaching Needs to Integrate More with Complementary and Alternative Medicine:Information on how Western Medicine is being combined with alternative medicine.

Historical Collections: An examination of the evolution of Teratology in Western Medicine through 1800.

Pain and Acupuncture in Western Medicine: Paper examining pain and acupuncture in both Eastern and Western Medicine.

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