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Leukemia Links

Leukemia is a blood or bone marrow cancer. It is related to lymphoma cancer because the cells effected are similar in origin. The disease can be categorized by the types of cells and progression of the disease. Leukemia effects anyone at any age. Some leukemia are are more prone to affect children than adults and vise versa. Risk factors are not conclusive in who has a greater change of getting leukemia. The following resources provide detailed facts about the disease:

Living with Leukemia

Know About Leukemia

Treating Leukemia

Leukemia and Genetics

  • Genetics of Leukemia- Physicians from the University of California Children's Hospital are researching the genetic abnormalities of leukemia.
  • Molecular Genetics- An article in the Texas Children's Cancer Center International Journal focuses on the molecular genetics Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia in treating the disease in children.
  • The Role of Genetics- Genetics are important factor for how successful treatment can be for leukemia patients.
  • Genetic abnormality- Research article of how genetic abnormality in children can predict the relapse of childhood leukemia.
  • In kids- Genetics may offer guidance on how to treatment lymphoblastic leukemia in children.

Leukemia Specific Sites

Causes of Leukemia

  • Causes of Leukemia- Several factors are involved in the development of leukemia.
  • Benzene Exposure- Studies show that high level exposure to Benzene can cause leukemia.
  • Several Causes of Leukemia- A list of causes and symptoms of leukemia.
  • Environmental Causes- Pediatric oncology resource article on environmental factors causing childhood leukemia.
  • What Causes Leukemia?- The direct cause of leukemia is unknown, but there genetic, environmental, and viral risk that increase the chances for developing leukemia.

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